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Alexandra Blythe has an Ecology degree, a deep interest in Natural History and a love of the absurd. Working in Polymer Clay for around 27 years and making Dolls’ House Miniatures for the last 16, until recently her work was considered to be ‘quite sensible’ by her many collectors. During the last few years however there have been quite a few changes………. Once she had sold her first Octopus to go in a Dolls’ House there was no turning back!

Every model has a tale to tell in the manner of a three-dimensional cartoon (Gary Larson’s ‘Far Side’ cartoons have been a major cultural influence over the years!)

Usually the name or idea spring spontaneously into existence … the model itself may take longer to appear… sometimes years.

 A work-list tends to have around fifty ideas waiting patiently, though some models are less polite and jump the queue.

All work can be considered to be ‘one-off’, though some ideas may be repeated occasionally (this is rare) and models will never be identical.

Modelling work is carried out using Polymer Clay (a strong, self-coloured material fired in a domestic style oven), with an occasional painted enhancement here and there.

Most accessories are bought in from miniatures suppliers, (though some are made by the artist e.g. the wishing well, bird perches and simple wooden cases.) nothing passes through unchanged however; all furniture has varnish stripped and is wax polished where appropriate, Perspex is replaced with glass and many items are ‘battered’ or ‘aged’.

Patterned ‘material’ on furniture is made using the ‘caning’ technique (as in Venetian Millefiori glass) with polymer clay slices laid on to the surface.

Much research goes into the model subjects. Although a lot of the animals featured find themselves in absurd situations, they are accurately reproduced…… o.k. so the tartan octopus is pushing this a bit perhaps!

This website will be updated on a regular basis (and particularly after travelling to fairs), please revisit to see new work as it is completed and keep track of news and plans for the future.

Please email with any comments about this site and its contents, we hope you are amused as you look through the pages and don't forget I like a challenge!!